Friday, December 27, 2019

Definition And Methods Of Negotiation - 1682 Words

At the onset of this semester s course I would not have considered what I did day in and day out to be negotiation. I would have called it working together, or something similar, and had no reason to interpret it beyond conversation. Now that I am beginning to define and understand negotiation I am able to apply the definition and methodologies to my daily interactions. I have always been comfortable understanding what I want, and having an idea of how to get there, but I now find myself trying to understand the other side of the coin. How can I get from point A to point B, and what conversations and trade offs will I be making? What strategies are they using against me, and what weaknesses do I have in my negotiation tactics? This†¦show more content†¦The Big 5 shows that I am relatively open to new experiences, and also that I enjoy the company of others. The Big 5 also shows that I am agreeable, and that I am a low scorer in Neuroticism, and that I am able to remain calm in tense situations (Potter, n.d.). I believe with the tendencies reflected in my personality test, the case could be made that I am willing to create social experiences that can be tense while maintaining the ability to be agreeable. Within my current career, I am involved in a somewhat constant state of negotiation. I am the lead for the Information Technology Project Operations group at a Small / Medium sized business. This means that it is my responsibility to ensure that projects have the equipment and tools they need to be successful. To some this would appear that I work on the bottom rung: at the behest of everyone within the company to ensure that their needs are met. The way I view it, everyone works for me as I provide spinning wheels the engineers use to turn a profit. An operational support team has an interesting place within an organization. As a crucial part and extremely involved portion of the organization, we work within the shadows, and tend to only be noticed when someone needs our attention. This leads the team to hold extremely little managerial authority within the hierarchy of the

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