Monday, February 24, 2020

Final project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 6

Final project - Essay Example The analytical skills and in-depth knowledge about the topic or discipline in question defines a consultant. Similarly, businesses have consultants who specialize in investigating and evaluating business challenges and propose the best solutions and approaches through which they can be curbed. Business consulting has been extensively used as a tool of development and has since transformed many firms. Businesses are becoming more successful through consulting. The approach that business consultants as well as their clients are currently giving consultation is not exactly the same as that of the past. Consulting in business has deep-rooted history as it did not just start the other day. However, there are modifications and changes that have been effected which have undoubtedly benefited the business fraternity. The main difference between the traditional and the new consulting systems is on the approach the two take. The ancient one focused more on the issue or problem at hand while the modern approaches are much more oriented to outcomes. Results matter more than the problem and effectiveness is preferred to efficiency. Business consultants in the contemporary society recognize that giving a single permanent approach to an issue is misleading with the changing times hence tackling an issue as it presents itself is much more tactful and effective. It is this realization that have informed the consultants that whatever the approach or strat egy they used in one organization or company and was successful may not necessarily solve another company’s problems. This is because different factors such organizational structure, human resource and customers’ dynamics, industry and level competition among others (Brooks & Edwards, n.d., p. 24). There are several changes that have been identified in the business consulting framework. The sustainability of business

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