Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Critical thinking Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Critical thinking - Case Study Example The bid is recorded as â€Å"one of the shock and exasperation† that could only bring jubilation among the small bid team from the tiny Gulf state that had travelled to Switzerland.    The success of the bid brought with it a mired of questions from the potential counterparts who could not make it. First was the manner in which it could have succeeded with the vast representation of big countries in the committee. The capacity to host an event of such magnitude and their inexistence in the football arena was questionable. The country itself has very hash temperatures, which could not favor any tournament of this kind. It was evident that high profile and highly influential figures like The UEFA president Michel Platini had voiced their opposition to the notion. He said, â€Å"You cannot possibly play football in Qatar.† (YANKS ABROAD 2013) One of the executive committee members Mr. Franz Beckenbauer stated, â€Å"One should think about a different solution.† It was more evident that there were some hidden tactics behind the bid when a number of senior FIFA officials with the inclusion of Qatar head of the Asian Football Confederation, Mr. Mohammed bin Hammam were suspended as a result of questioning the legitimacy of Qatar wining the bid. There are also concerns raised on the country’s commitment to Sharia law, which does not support homosexuality and the questionable human rights records. The case has been viewed as a possible reaction from the looser of the bid that controls the huge numbers of football fans in the aim to water down the tournament and get a revote. This is possible because they have millions on internet users. The temperatures were viewed to be attainable through control but would cost the country billions of cash higher that the expenses used in the South African tournament. On the bribery case, FIFA President exclaimed, â€Å"we are anxiously

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