Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Database Design Proposal Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Database Design Proposal - Article Example The proposed research is intended for a health facility. Like other organizations, the health facility comprises several departments. The departments are further divided into sub divisions dealing with an array of activities. There are divisions that deal with personnel management. A range of working staff is available for accurate running of the hospital. Each category deals with different equipment and duties. There are patients, who are the core business of a health facility. There are inpatients and outpatients suffering from different ailments. The system needs to keep track of their ages, dates of admission and discharge, health progress, treatments they undergo, whether or not they succumbed to their illnesses among others. From this scenario, it is obvious that the database needed to safeguard information of the health center must be efficient. This is massive information, and there are several challenges associated with such immense data. †¢ Problems of redundancy could arise in data storage. This means that the same data could be stored severally in different platforms of the organization’s database. This leads to wastage of time and storage space. Lack of coherence between the different data stored in relational tables could lead to broken database. This makes it hard for the data users to access all the relevant data on a particular subject. Due to the above problems, normalization of data is a mandatory process to avoid redundancy and data incoherence.

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