Thursday, September 12, 2019

Privacy and Internet Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Privacy and Internet Policy - Essay Example This paper addresses how identity theft can be dealt with both on the internet and prohibiting of unauthorized access from outsiders. Protection from identity theft (especially from Internet activities and unauthorized access) Identity deft on the internet occurs in situations where individuals who are not authorized get access to a person’s online account, gets access and carry out activities that are lawful or unlawful. Majority of people who join the internet faces the challenge of identity theft so one has to take all the necessary measure of ensuring that their information is protected (Krishnamurthy and Wills 2009). However, a lot of people do not know how protect their personal information and they end suffering the consequences of not protecting their personal information. Protection of identity theft over the internet In instances where the composer of the email is not known to you, do not bother to have a look at such an email that seem doubtful to you. It is advisab le to only check authentic emails which come from banks, financial firms or your creditors. You should never base on fake emails to update your security information. Doing so, would compromise your security. Currently, there are so many people who are out to con other or sent virus and therefore the best way of avoiding them is to delete the messages they send. Effective firewall is required in order to protect your personal computer from attackers. This ensures that the threats on your personal computers from spywares, hackers and Trojans are minimized. It is further stated by Krishnamurthy and Wills (2009) that the use a Verification Engine assists you in identifying safe websites that you browse at any given time. The information that concern your personal recognition and account numbers should never be stored on a hard disk that can be accessed on the internet. This is because a hard disk that is connected to the internet has a great risk of being reached by interested thieves. It is strongly recommended not to save private information on hard disk even in circumstances of having very strong firewall software being installed. Also there should be credit check run on yourself or your family for at least once in every year to insure that the all records are always in their right format (Moore, 2005). Personal information or PIN numbers should never be given out when an email is received from internet service Providers (ISP) or credit companies requesting for the release of such confidential information. In many instances, identity thieves who pretend to be credit card companies or ISPs normally send emails requesting for personal information that has been updated. As Gina (2011) points out, void posting of information that is private about yourself or that which relates to your family members on the personal web site that can easily be used by a thief. They use this information to come up with fraudulent identity. This implies that one has to be conscious wh en posting personal information. Security Socket Layer (SSL) it is a technology that enables users to set up sessions with internet sites that are secure. This implies that they are exposed to minimal violation of external attackers.

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