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Comparasion & Contract Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Comparasion & Contract - Essay Example Ventura approaches the life changer concept from an eight year old point of view. In this way, he brings out the theme of a life changing aspect from a Childs point of view. This shows a period of heroic struggle which produced political ideals and many historical events that have added essence to literature as an art work. The author opens up a whole new world that awaits discovery, a place where experience and magic is captured in words and expressions. Shape changer is therefore an expression of art in different ways and forms. It is not only a beautiful aspect or prospect of life but also a truth that reflects important qualities in the world. It is important to note the very essence of human beings and races can be reflected in challenges and life’s lessons. This is clearly seen in the quote â€Å"Thank you mama. You taught me how compatible it is to play it safe, but the lesson wasn’t in cruelty of the loss; it was in the dignity of the risk† (Ventura, Part This quote clearly shows the lessons and impact of the same that has never lost its essence and beauty. However, the burden of pain and cruelty cannot be ignored. The life the Americans were used to was a life full of storms, struggle, cruelty, risks and a country that was terrorized by or with racism, impunity and hypocrisy. Therefore, Ventura’s shape changing roots or stem is derived from an unstable and cruel aspect that attracted injustice, loss and sadness. However, these events also helped to change the young generation’s character and life’s. This is clearly brought out from the quote â€Å"How many children have sat like I did, with one of their parents taken† (Ventura, Part 1,pg.3) Additionally, the quote â€Å" you share my pride at how hard we are to kill† (Ventura, Part 1, pg3) clearly shows how the experiences have changed their lives. It is important to note that in every high culture literary genre

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