Friday, November 1, 2019

Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser - Essay Example The essay "Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser" compares the Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser. Fashion designers study popular trends among the public and accordingly design their accessories and garments. Their target groups include people of all ages and classes in general. Fashion designers work in close collaboration with manufacturers to acquire the embellishments and fabric for designing and supervise the production as well. Since marketing is very important for their business, most fashion designers also work closely with creative directors and plan fashion shows. While acquiring a degree is not a prerequisite for being a fashion designer, yet having a diploma in fashion designing at least is recommendable. Fashion designers’ salaries vary depending upon their popularity. Fashion merchandisers offer their services to the fashion retailers and choose the accessories and garments to be sold at their stores. One of their functions is to develop attractive di splays to motivate the public to shop. Fashion merchandisers negotiate with the designers and wholesalers to acquire the accessories and garments at a lower price to make the business more profitable for the stores they represent. While there is no established education requirement for an individual who wants to become a fashion merchandiser, some employers might prefer fashion merchandisers with some education in fashion which would reflect their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the latest trends.

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