Sunday, November 3, 2019

DQ Questions 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DQ Questions 5 - Essay Example Personal ethics is also applicable in both personal and professional environment while professional ethics is limited to a profession. In a professional environment, personal ethics is applicable as long as it does not contravene any of professional ethics provisions while professional ethics is not applicable outside the profession even if it is not contradictory to a personal ethics’ provision (Harris, Pritchard and Rabins, 2008). In case of a decision by my employers to which I am ethically opposed, I would respond by applying utilitarianism ethics towards a decision to comply with the decision or to oppose it. Based on the theory’s provisions for decisions that maximize benefits to a majority of stakeholders to a case, I would consider every stakeholder and determine effects of the decision that the employer has made and effects of application of my ethical value. A review of benefits and harm of each position would follow and I would adopt the option that maximizes benefits. if the employer’s decision has more benefits to a majority of stakeholders then I would implement it. Otherwise, I would try to convince the employer against the decision. If they refuse to change their position then I would resign and inform relevant moral authorities of the case (Trevino and Nelson,

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