Friday, August 23, 2019

Business Ethics opinion paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Ethics opinion paper - Essay Example It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against people on other factor other than disqualification especially those with disabilities. I agree that discrimination can both be institutional or at individual level. I believe that people can discriminate by stereotyping or on personal prejudice. I understand that other people can unconsciously or thoughtlessly discriminate at workplace while trying to accept the traditions, norms or stereotypes. For instance, an employer can look at women and assume that they should be at home taking care of their families and become biased in making decisions on hiring women to the workplace. Focusing on this example, I suggest that organizations should provide materials and training to avert such situations by condemning actions of stereotyping in the workplace since both men and women have the same opportunity and knowledge of taking up responsibility in any company (Roth 46). Sometimes institutions can intentionally and explicitly discriminate against certain groups. On institutional-based discrimination, I strong believe stern and severe action should be taken to mitigate discrimination to provide examples and curb against discrimination. I strongly disregard institutions that when hiring disrespect people like older employees, marginalized tribes, other sexes or the young in the society. For instance, where a black man is forced to work in the kitchen where he cannot be seen by customers who are believed to be white, I strongly condemn this action since it is against the human rights of the black man. I am of the view that employers should give an opportunity to the black man to undertake responsibilities in the where the whites are working in the restaurant as long as he has the qualifications for the job (Roth 46). My study on general statistics and evidence on occupational discrimination have proved that women worker were the most discriminated whereby they

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