Thursday, August 8, 2019

Written case study analysis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Written analysis - Case Study Example there were a lot of mothers who killed their children since their biological father was a Tutsi and there were many more people who killed their relative just because they were of the Tutsi community (Reed, 2014). The deaths of thousand of Tutsi and Hutu community member were a major drawback that occurred during the genocide. The militia killed women and children mercilessly for no reason during the genocide. For Kagame to fully support the reconciliation campaign I would strictly adhere to his beliefs and philosophies in order to gain his support while at the same time sensitizing him to be less ethnic-based and biased. The president, Paul Kagame, is believed to be an economist due to this fact, I would present the economic statistics of a united country compared to the economic statistics of an unstable country like the present day Sudan to portray the need for reconciliation and the economic benefits it would have on his country. The pitch would contain a detailed and well laid out presentation of the statistics and the economical possibilities that would, in no doubt, be guaranteed if he accepted to fund the campaigns. The use of visual charts and diagrams would be of great importance in laying out the data and statistics for easier understanding of the economic comparisons between a stable and unstable country. I would empathize on the effects the genocide caused on the people, by clearly demonstrating the effects the genocide had to all the communities in Rwanda including his own ethnic community will have triggered his soft and caring self thereby persuading him to fund the reconciliation campaigns. As an antagonistic journalist and a reconciler, I would greatly emphasize on the need of peace talk that would facilitate the reconciliation process. I would greatly emphasize on the president, Paul Kagame, the need of a peaceful country and the productivity it brings to the economy to have a united people to govern. I would emphasize on the need of a

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