Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Marketing plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Marketing plan - Essay Example With a range of popular brands in the FMCG sectors including: Americana Meat, Americana Cake, Farm Frites, California Garden, Greenland, Lion, Kiko, Gulfa, Americana has a great chance to expand their presence and to reach more consumers in one of the biggest and most complicated markets in the world. In the UK market, the target market for the â€Å"HALAL† brand will be the Muslim people who immigrants whose number has greatly increased due to their settlement in the country decades ago. We will also target the Muslim business people who have been moved to the country by multinational companies that have invested in the country. Therefore, Halal will target these two groups of Muslims who still holds on to their religion and its teachings. As a result, they are willing to spend their income on foods that is stipulated in the Quran to constitute a lawful meet among the Muslim religion. In the UK, we will modify our brand positioning. The new Brand position to be adopted is the provision of a lawful meat among the Muslim religion. In addition, UK being a highly stable economy with high minimum wage, we will still adopt the pricing the product high to presage the quality of the product because consumers have high disposable income and high spending level (Cadogan, 2009). Several methods of communication will be used in relaying messages to the respective consumers informing them how the product is of high value to their religion. In short, Americana will position themselves in the UK market as a convenient, healthy, tasty, nutrient, and high-quality and high value to Muslim religion brand. In addition, the Americana meat products will be linked with indulgence and health benefits. In the UK, we will launch the product under the same brand name. This is so because such brands are well established and are therefore recognised widely by all the Muslims. Changing the

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