Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Jazz music Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Jazz music - Assignment Example It was attended by a huge audience consisting f mainly university students. I attended the concert to have a firs-hand experience and make personal observations n whatever I encountered. This paper presents a candid, critical and in-depth review of the concert. It does this by focusing on the performers, audience, venue and general performance. During the concert, the band played a series of tracks. These were very interesting jazz songs that have dominated the music scenes for decades. As a band, Paul Iquihua consists of a team of experts who are specialized in playing different instruments as they perform to thrill their audiences. Having taken my time to attend the concert, I got an opportunity to enjoy jazz songs which I have never seen being performed live on stage. Just like the rest of the audience, some of the songs were familiar to me. At the same time, there are others that I have never gotten a chance to attend a live concert and enjoy them being performed on stage. In the program was Faubourg Treeme. The melodious song was composed by the legendry John Cooper. It was played during the concert because of its popularity. While doing this, I observed that the musicians were quite organized and well coordinated. All the instruments were properly played to ensure that the vocalists and the instruments produce sweet melodies throughout the performance. According to my observation, the song was a right choice for the concert as it was used to create a good rapport between the artists and the audience. Everyone danced to the tunes because it was quite outstanding and remarkable. The song was quite hilarious because it was composed by a renowned American musician who has been attributed to the composition of great hits that have of course revolutionized the jazz industry (Szwed 71). In the list of performance was another song called Daahoud. It was composed by Clifford Brown, an American trumpet player who lived between

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