Saturday, October 19, 2019

Beowulf and Roland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Beowulf and Roland - Essay Example Beowulf protects the united community of man and does not allow the division and emptiness that are born from the soul of the vile beast Grendel to ravage the halls of Heorot any longer. Resisting Grendel’s savage attack on human solidarity, Beowulf takes up the defense of Heorot and the case of every nation whose name was so poignantly placed upon the high walls of this great hall of men. (Young 2006) The defense of Heorot was successful. Beowulf has fought tremendous battles before. He understood what fighting and death consisted of. This might have had an impression on Beowulf as he went to face the dragon. Oliver counsels Roland to blow his oliphant horn, to call back Charlemagnes main force, but Roland refuses. The Franks fight valiantly, but in the end they are killed to the man. Roland blows his oliphant so that Charlemagne will return and avenge them. (Borey 2006) Another aspect concerning the attitudes of Beowulf and Roland is the reason behind the last battles. Beowulf had to fight a dragon that was going to destroy his kingdom. This evil would not stop unless Beowulf stopped it. The dragon

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