Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Write a research paper about Crime and Economics or Crime and Age, or Essay

Write a research paper about Crime and Economics or Crime and Age, or Crime and Race, or Crime and Gender, or Geographical impact on crime - Essay Example Great emphasis has been more on male criminality than female offenders. Gender and societal norms are among factors that attribute to gender crime gap and constantly regulate rate of crimes that women commit. Males as well as female usually commit crimes that involve substance abuse and property crimes. These kinds of crimes fall into the category of minor misconduct. It is vital to note that a number of crimes that are much serious in comparison to murder and robbery do exist. Crimes committed in the past few decades involved larceny, rape, and other minor misconducts. Trends are slowly changing, and the number of female criminality seems to be on the rise. Evans (2013) points that the number women arrested by police for law-breaking is par with that of men. However, it is essential to evaluate the kind and degree of crimes that each gender commits. It is astounding to note that the rise in female criminality includes crimes that involve forgery, fraud, as well as theft and not in traditional female crimes that include prostitution and child abuse. Besides the above reasons that attempt to explain the disparity in male and female criminality, it is essential to consider emotional strength and societal norms. The perception of diverse individuals is that men are physically stronger compared to women. Thus, they are capable of committing crimes, which are violent. Gender norms dictated and sustained by society seem to influence lower crime rate of female criminality significantly. Composition of femininity is usually within varied discourses that circumscribe the behavior of a woman, as well as the association that she has with different individuals (Korcha et al., 2014). Several factors governing a woman’s experience include her mind, body, as well as her social interaction. Some individuals equate femininity with independence and self-control. Thus, a normal woman, is one who is selfless, nurturing and caring regarding the needs of

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