Thursday, October 3, 2019

I lesson plan Essay Example for Free

I lesson plan Essay I. To develop experiential insights and interactive literacy among students. II. A. The students should find out and give insights of the 10 differences of the pictures. B. The students will able to formulate questions of their own. III. Pictures IV. Introduction Limit 20 min A. Q: Have you seen pictures of beautiful sceneries, houses, markets and busy streets? B. Students realize different situations shown by their opponent mate. C. Motivation Letting students appreciate ones ideas and more likely contributes his or her ideas to opponents. V. TEACHING STRATEGIES/ ACTIVITIES: (Time Limit: 35 min. ) A. Concept/Content: Comprehension, understanding and analyzing by comparing and contrasting. B. Skills to be develop: Interacting, speaking, listening, and do his or her own critical thinking. C. List 10 questions to ask and describe the picture. D. Let the students form in pairs and give them pictures. Do not let them show first to their mate the picture yet? Then instruct them to sit back-to-back and then cover very well their handed picture. Students should plan 10 questions to ask about the picture he or she handed in. Let her or his mate opponent’s quest about the picture. E. Participants are ESOL and gifted child as well. F. Discussion, giving insights and analyzing the pictures. A student expresses his or her own views about the pictures handed. G. Describe your surroundings at home. What are the things your mother does and other members of the family do to make your home clean and beautiful? A. Students were able to show her or his own point of view and trust to himself or herself trust to answer, The students able to list down 19 questions ask and expresses their feeling, understanding and, contrasting students ideas and concepts. B. Students can describe his or her own surroundings at home. To evaluate at their own what is new, good and unlikely not good to their own home. Generally students formulate their own concepts and develop skills of communicating and comprehending through understanding about the things around. V. I should create good surroundings and evaluated students as to their own self. Develop initiated activities more comprehensive situation leading to more higher degree of thinking. IX. I was able to guide students clearly on how and what to do with the activities. The students meet the exact ideas they get and developed a skills through experiences. The students able to communicate each other the usual means of mingling to each other.

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