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An author thesis paper on 4 of J.D Salingers works Term

An author thesis on 4 of J.D Salingers works - Term Paper ExampleThis paper will, therefore, attempt to connect Salingers personation of childrens innocence based on the four works as named above. We will do a book-by book analysis of his depiction of children to come to a common conclusion... 2.0. Discussion. 2.1. The Catcher in the Rye. This novel was sooner written for the adult audience. The books adolescent themes such as teenage alienation, confusion, angst, and rebellion however, erect more favour among the y byh, turning it into a teenage novel. The novel begins with Holdens narration of events in the sometime(prenominal) at his school. Through the narration, we see Holden as a victim of circumstances when he loses his schools football team equipment in the subway prior to the football match that afternoon leading to consequent cancellation of the match. As a result, he is suspended from school until after Christmas (Crawford 26). Although Holden escaped from school to t he Edmont hotel in sweet York, it is in a bid to get away from conflict and confrontation with his school mates as he engages in a fight with his roommate Stradlater. Later, Holden develops sexual desires and ends up with a prostitute in his room. This is quite innocent and coming of Holden who is in his adolescence, full of desire for sexual exploration. When he brings the prostitute to his room, he does not judge her as harsh as society does as to him, she is just a convention human being who deserves right treatment and respect. Even when she leaves without him having slept with her, he still pays him and thanks her for coming. This shows the innocence of a boy just caught up in the developments of carriage. Holden engages in drink after his friend, Sally, refuses to elope with him. This he does out of pure frustrations as his sex is at peak, but does not wish to enjoy it with anyone but that whom he loves, which is Sally. When he rejects his innocent desire to have her all a lone to himself, he has no one to converse to and the only way he can deal with the frustration is by drinking it down. His frustrations force him into his stirs house to see and talk to his sister, Phoebe. The two talk and Holden sh bes his innocently misinterpreted wish to be a catcher of children in the rye to help prevent them from losing their innocence (Crawford 43). While at Mr. Antolinis house, Holden is revolt at what he thinks is a homosexual move by the host toward him. This shows that despite Holdens sexuality at peak, he regards some things such as homosexuality as immoral and that it should not be tolerated when he leaves Antolinis house immediately. His allusions toward the end of the novel about being mentally ill and brio in a mental hospital shows an innocent childish wish to stay away from the realities of life by staying secluded in a place of no reality. As was his dream to save the children in the rye from the harshness of life, so does he wish to forever s tay in the innocence of childhood. 2.2. Franny and Zooey. Franny and Zooey are brother and sister, the youngest members of the glass family. Zooey is a genius while Franny

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