Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How Can University Programme Be Changed To Address The Needs Of The In Essay

How Can University Programme Be Changed To Address The Needs Of The world-wide Graduate Students - Essay typeThese include role plays problem-solving using case studies and group discussion sessions during which NS students act as student-facilitators and both the NNES and NS students range together in to discuss broad intercultural themes such as Gestures and Non-Verbal Communication or more particular themes such as Interacting with your Supervisor and Fellow Classmates. Prior to enrollment into graduate programs, students should be encouraged to answer cultural orientation sessions and workshops which argon aimed at making International students at ease with the new close and introducing them to the different aspects of the multicultural environment, which demands effective communication with NNES and NES students and professors from a variety of linguistic. Such sessions also have the added returns of providing the new students with an opportunity to mix with other interna tional and host students and the faculty. Thus, in conclusion, language skills pose a significant barrier for international NNES students in not only improving their academic performance scarce also in their social interaction and effective communication in all spheres of life. Above discussed are some of the several ways in which the existing curriculum can be modified in order to facilitate the acquisition of proper language skills amongst international students, the incorporation if which into University programs can aid the International students greatly in becoming acculturated into the new society.

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