Monday, April 29, 2019

Image analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Image analysis - Essay ExampleTwitchell suggests that the kind-hearted condition is one in which we pee-pee been inherently materialistic making us susceptible to the images we see. We have always been desirous of things. We have just not had many of them until quite recently, and, in a some generations, we may return to having fewer and fewer (Twitchell 471-472). However, in this material culture, where so many things are construct in a variety of forms and substances, it is helpful to have some sort of guide to help us determine which things should be accorded the highest value and which things are not so great. This is where advertise enters the scene and helps us to congeal just what is valuable and what kind of meaning or history a particular object dexterity have. It takes advantage of this natural human tendency to want to be comfortable and to have stuff to own, trade, cheer or produce. However, despite our desire for increasingly more stuff, we nevertheless insist on existence entertained if we are to pay attention to the message or the products its associated with. As a result, if advertising is to be effective, it must first appeal to the consumer in an entertaining or meaningful way, such as in the image taken by Peter Knapp in 1971.A basic description of this tear reveals a greater than expected complicity. Upon first looking at the image, one is able to recognize a very pretty dark-haired girl with somewhat unusual features looking out of the page with an unfocused expression. Her face is heavily made up in what probably is underdone for the 70s generation. Her hair falls beneath her shoulders with somewhat messy curls gathering on her upper chest, but it does not extend longer than her axillary cavity area. She has rich, peacock blue eye-shadow covering her eyelids which makes her seeming lack of eyebrows more prominent. She also has spots of pink paint covering her cheeks in a way that looks less

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