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Abraham Lincoln: President of the USA Essay

Abraham Lincon was born Febuary 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. Born in a farming family, with tradgedy around him, Lincon perservered. Lincon became the sixteenth president of the United States, and guided America through some of its biggest struggles, such as the Civil warfare. In a world full of You cannot do it, Lincon ignored hate, and through each failure, found success. Abraham Lincon was birthed by Nancy Lincon and Thomas Lincon. Two years in front Lincon was born, his mother had a daughter name Sarah. Thomas Lincon was the traditional frontier farmer. Lincon grew up exiting his father as ignorant, and did not admire his father. Both of Lincons parents worshipped at an anti-slaveholding church, that was very contriversal during the time in the slave state of Kentucky.See moreThe 3 Types of Satire EssayLincon once shot a turkey while on the farm, and the sight of blood and dying repulsed him, that day Lincon knew he was n forever going to be a marksman. L incons mother at age thrity four died of a mill sick disease. The widowed Tom Lincon re-married, and moved the family to Ohio. The summer of 1828, Lincon read the Declaration of Independence and was drawn into it. After that Lincon began study books on law, and seeming political meetings. In 1831, on a trip to New Orleans Lincon witnessed the brutality of slavery, and it was there where he formed his opinon on slavery injust. In 1833, Lincon ran for state legislature, and lost. Instead, Lincon was state assemblyman, and would soon go represent Henry Clays Whig party. Lincon soon had a growing repuation.Lincon ran for State Legislature against Stephen Douglas, and lost. Lincon had many ups and downs with women, his first wife, dying and then he met Mary Todd and married. Servants who worked for Mary found her very obnoxious. A close friend of Lincon called the Lincon household as Domestic cavity on Earth. Abe and Marys son Eddie, died, and Mary was very devestated. Later that year , they had another child named William. Abes father Tom became ill, and died, and Abe did not attend the funeral or mark his grave. In 1858, Abe ran against Douglas for U.S. Senate and was defeated. In 1857, the Dred Scott case came along. Abe compltely supported the case, and believed that all men should be equal. Douglas always thought that Lincon was preaching for Negro citizenship.Abe preached slavery was ethucally wrong. Later, Abe was nominated for president, and succeeded. Now began the fight for Abe to end slavery. Abe believed that the only way to beat slavery and change the constitution is to change the will of the people (Keneally 65). Abe stated that the Civil War was not to free slaves, but to save the union. Abe had the union victory at Antietam, which would serve as a baisis for his first Emancipation Proclamation. On January 1, 1863, Abe freed the slaves in the rebel states. After his first term, Abe was re-elected as President of the United States. Earlier in the month of April 1865, Abe had a dream he died of asassination. On April 14th, the Lincons went to John Fords Theatre to see Laura Keenes benifiet performance of the Our American Cousin.It was there in the box seating of the John Ford theatre that Abe was shot in the back of the promontory by John Wilkes Booth. After the shoot, Booth jumped on stage and yelled sic semper tyrannis, the audience believing it to be part of the play since Booth was a well-know actor. Abe passed later that night and became the bloodied nation incarnate (Keneally 175). Before I read this book, the only thing I really knew about Abe Lincon was that he freed the slaves, and was known as H onest Abe. Abraham Lincon was sort of a totured soul. He lost his mother, and never really got along with his father. Abe never had much luck with the ladies, but seemed like a man who would do anything for a woman he loved. I envy Abe in a way. Abraham Lincon should really be a synonym in the lexicon behind the word Perse rverance.Abe ran for an election, and was defeated, ran again, and was defeated. Ran again, and was defeated. And so on, and so forth. Out of all of Abes defeats he found the greatest thing of all success. Not once did Abe ever give up. I am sure he thought about it many times, and reached his breaking point all to much, but he never allow that stop him. Abraham Lincon was a man of many things, he had a roughness about him, and was disportionally awkward and clumsy. Abe had many failures from being defeated countlessly, and death of family and friends, he overcame it all. Abe is debatedly one of the best Presidents of the United States, and through defeat, he found success and his legacy will remain forever.

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