Friday, May 10, 2019

Medication Profile Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Medication Profile - Assignment ExampleSubsequently, in interferes with the ability to clear environmental chemicals and healthful drugs. It is this factor besides reduced capacity for renal clearance that causes the patient develops drawn out rescue of some(prenominal) drugs in individuals with advanced age such as the patient in question.The profile uses the essential geriatric pharmacokinetic database to study changes in the capacity of the body to clear drugs considering the advanced age of 73 years. From the database, much than than half of the drugs that hepatic cytochrome P450 enzyme processes and even through elimination in the renal averages 70 percent in the 73-year old patient. The percentage would be lower if the patient was younger preferably below 65 years. The mellow percentage explains why the patient is susceptible to kidney and liver diseases (Power 49). Development of these diseases complicates the clearance function of the liver and kidney further. Prescrib ing more drugs to the patient also referred to as polypharmacy, increases the chances of drugs interacting in the body of the patient. It comes with negative consequences. Considering the age of the patient, her nervous system has several modifications among others changed neurotransmitter, neuronal loss, altered receptor levels, and reduced capacity to change caused by xenobiotics.Changes in the central nervous of the patient increase her vulnerability to neurologic dysfunction with the threat from unitary pharmacologic agents. Other solemn agents are environmental toxicants and polypharmacy (Priglinger 1408). The several factors affecting the patients ability to respond to neuroactive causal agents transforms the judgment of environmental risks in the patient a special apprehension because it presents the toughest challenge. Causal agents include pesticides, heavy metals, and everyday neurotoxicants. They have the potential to affect the nervous system of an individual in the end. It was the

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