Friday, May 3, 2019

Argumentative Position essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Argumentative Position - look for ExampleApparently, the older generation has never been very keen on applied science but as times change, there has been an emphasis on utilization of technology in many areas such as businesses, industries and homes. This development has forced the older generation to adjust with the advancing technologies even though they use them instead minimally. On the other hand, the younger generation was exposed to technology at an early age. As technology develops, young people seem to adjust quickly and efficiently with it. Their appetite for technology is insatiable as evident in some individuals who cannot function normally without communication gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, individual(prenominal) computers, and the internet (Ito et al. 1). This has introduced many changes in the interaction process betwixt different people. I believe that technology advancement has brought detrimental effects in the way that people affableize and experts can confirm that a generational divide has been established between digital natives and digital immigrants.The generational divide between digital natives and digital immigrants is obvious. As a digital native, I have always found it easier to interact with others apply my mobile phone and my personal computer. On the other hand, my parents can be termed as digital immigrants as they have started using these technologies some time later in their lives as a necessity to withhold up with the changing home and work environment. Dr. Mizuko Ito and his team conducted a research showing that there were conflicts occurring between the older generations and the younger generations owing to the fact that they viewed the importance of technologies differently. They discovered that the young generation had adapted social media, online games, and technological gadgets such as mobile phones and iPads in their culture. They found out that technology and its accessories were

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