Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Job Automation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Job mechanisation - Essay Examplein an article named Automation and the health care cost curve dated April 2012 reports how the Dallas-based Parkland health & hospital System adopted mechanization in the pharmacy. The hospital has a robotic pick-and-pull system which can locate, prepare, and package pharmaceuticals for each patient. This helps the hospital reduce the come of staff required to furnish the orders.Another important area is the evidence-based care where automation is visible. An example is the Atrius Health which has nearly 1000 physicians employed at nearly 30 locations. The group was finding it difficult to hold off its al physicians well-informed of the new developments in evidence-based medicine treatment protocols. For that purpose, the physicians had to rely on an online service from a clinical decision-support system named UpToDate. However, as it required the use of web browsers, the physicians had to leave the electronic aesculapian put down to conduct an y search. However, presently, this service is installed as an additional button with the Epic EMR system. That means it is easier and more well-off for the physicians, thus saving a lot of time.At this juncture, it becomes necessary to go back to Parkland Hospital to see how it reduced its financial counselors by 35% through the adoption of automated eligibility rechecks. Earlier, people use to come back again to see a counselor to requalify to receive public assistance for medical care. However, presently, the system has introduced automation in this area, which allows 100% automation in eligibility rechecking.Another area is the labs of hospitals. Admittedly, present solar day labs are capable of receiving specimens, and centrifuging and loading the specimens onto an analyzer. The automation continues till the result is released. It is accepted by most healthcare experts that such labs are free from issues associated with human errors like mixing up specimens, interchanging resu lts, and misplacing specimens. One cannot ignore the

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