Monday, May 27, 2019

William Wordsworth

Describe similarities and differences between I wandered unfrequented as a Cloud by William Wordsworth and the extract from The Grasmere Journals by his sister Dorothy Wordsworth. Comparison must include comments on the, language, imagery, genre and audience of the two texts. I wandered lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth is a lyric poem focusing on the poets response to the beauty of nature. A lyric poem presents the deep feelings and emotions of the poet quite than telling a story or presenting a witty observation.This is also seen on the language of the poem as W. Wordsworth uses personifications when he starts by comparing himself to a lonely cloud. Another personification and metaphor is when W. W compares the daffodils to a crowd of people and further more dancing humans. He starts his poem with a fable Alliteration lonely as a cloud (line 1). Simile Comparison (using as) of the speakers solitariness to that of a cloud (line 1). Personification Comparison of the cloud to a lonely human. line 1) Alliteration high oer vales and Hills (line 2). Alliteration When all at once (line 3). (Note that the w and o have the same consonant sound. ) Personification/ fable Comparison of daffodils to a crowd of people (lines 3-4). Alliteration golden Daffodils (line 4). Alliteration Beside the Lake, beneath the trees, Personification/Metaphor Comparison of daffodils to dancing humans (lines 4, 6). The speaker humanizes the daffodils when he says they are engaging in a dance.

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