Saturday, July 27, 2019

Compare and contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Compare and contrast - Essay Example Also, along with the teacher, a school counselor should help a child who is struggling with learning or using appropriate behavior. The role of the principal is to ensure that the discipline plan is being used appropriately school wide. Q2. Identify and discuss the three organizing principles about the learner. There are three principles about the learner. The first principle is that the learner should always be treated with respect. The teacher should treat the learner with respect, the other learners should treat each other with respect and the learner should respect himself. The second is that every learner has a great capacity to learn. Although all students start at a different level, they all have a great capacity to learn and grow from the level where they started. Effort will need to be made by the learner and the teacher to help the learner grow. The last principle states that the learner's behavior or performance always has a purpose. The purpose will vary with different le arners in different circumstances. Most misbehavior happens with one of these 4 purposes: seeking attention, seeking power, seeking revenge or lack of self confidence. An example of a student misbehaving who is seeking attention would be a student who calls out at inappropriate times during class.

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