Friday, July 26, 2019

Intimate Correlation of Media Art and Manufacturing Industry Dissertation - 1

Intimate Correlation of Media Art and Manufacturing Industry - Dissertation Example Manufacturers need to cater to the changing needs of their consumers in order for them to continue with their operations. They need to think of new innovations for their products for them to be globally competitive and for others not to outweigh what they have. It should not be a wonder why manufacturers with this line of thinking have owned the top positions for the best manufacturers in the world. Apple’s Legacy Apple for instance, has come a very long way in producing items that were really suitable for the different tastes of people. As their products continue to innovate, their ability to capture the hearts of the consumers also continue. With this, manufacturers within the same line of business such as Samsung are also following Apple’s steps in innovating their products and giving in to what the customers want. They always come up with ideas that would attend to the latest craze regarding the different gadgets, always leaving their consumers thirsty for more. Whi le it is enough to credit these manufacturers for their ability to innovate and think of new ways to sell their products, it cannot be denied that media art has also affected the success of these manufacturers very effectively. Anyone would be positive in saying that media art can really push consumers to purchase the products that they contain. Advertisements always make a huge impact to customers and it’s the easiest form of influence so that consumers can be attracted to the products. Apple has been in the top of Wall Street for the past years now, since its introduction of the Macintosh personal computers and the portable music players known as iPod. Nowhere in the world can you see anyone who owns any of these gadgets. The way on how these products attained success is a great illustration on how media art and innovation can really be a factor to the manufacturer’s success. Even the littlest image on a magazine, or a small advertisement in a billboards and everythi ng else, if it contains the most important feature that a product has, that would be a plus factor to the manufacturer’s ability to sell. Even as Apple continue to succeed, its owner, Steve Jobs overlooked the fact that he has competitors around. Koontz and Weihrich (2008, pp.331-333) shared what happened between Apple and Windows. Gates has offered Jobs to make the personalized software that he wants, but as soon as Gates took a hold of the Apple’s software, he took advantage of it, and thus, the birth of Microsoft Windows. This only proves that having the most efficient software and resources is not the only key to success in every company. There will always be those who will compete in order to get to the highest position. Microsoft was then successful in pirating Apple’s idea, but the success that the latter has made can still be apprehended for. According to Lussier and Achua (2010, pp.24-25), Apple’s success comes from trying to make things that wou ld be loved by everyone. There is no doubt at this point that everyone loves their products. Together with their brilliant minds, innovation and resourcefulness, media art can always be behind everything that they make. As stated earlier, the easiest way to reach people nowadays and to sell products is through advertising. Media art is a very effective tool in exposing your products in a very simple way. For as long as you know the details to include in the

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