Thursday, July 25, 2019

Theres a Gender Pay Gap in Kids Allowances and Parents Are To Blame Essay

Theres a Gender Pay Gap in Kids Allowances and Parents Are To Blame - Essay Example The way parents bring up their children has a direct effect on the future choices being made by children pertaining to their choices of work and work-related activities. Parents are responsible for directing children mindset to value professions like law, Medicine among others and devalue others such as house chores and teaching. The majority of the gap seen in the pay between men and women in the society comes from the occupational differences and not the gender role differences (Eliana). The pay gap clearly demonstrates to the girls that the kind of household work that they do does not qualify in the level of works that need to be rewarded. This is why when girls grow up into womanhood, they tend to spend most of their times on the work that is unpaid such as household chores. In contrast to women, men only try to find more time to relax themselves out . Normally, girls do two more hours of daily chores when compared to boys. On the other hand, boys do spend much of their time, twice as much as the girls, in playing. Despite this hard work shown by the girls, boys are likely to be paid for the chores that they do. A similar research done by the junior achievement USA indicates that seventy percent of all boys are more likely to get allowance as compared to a small figure of sixty percent of girls, who are likely to receive allowances. According to Sandberg and Neil â€Å"Lean in: women, work and the will to lead â€Å"; gender pay difference is also a result of the gap in leadership ambition. In many working environmental, men are observed to be more ambitious to achieving senior jobs compared to their female counterparts. A 2012 Mc Kinsey survey found out only eighteen percent of women in a working environment aspire for the senior jobs that are high paying compared to thirty-six percent of the men population in the same environment (Sandberg and Nell, 13). It is no doubt that women do possess equal skills to

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