Friday, June 7, 2019

Importance of Research Essay Example for Free

Importance of Research EssayJean Piaget is a pioneer whose focus was on childrens cognitive development. He lay the foundation by naming four stages sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. Each stage builds upon the other, coincidental with biological development of the brain. Although some of his theories were deemed inaccurate, they paved the way and gave direction for upcoming psychologists who were able to build upon his work by disproving some of his theories simply to develop their own. scarce as Jean Piaget, some(prenominal) scientists have theorized on many other parts of psychology, but all with general advantages. They provide us with a give out understanding of ourselves, they provide us with a better understanding of others, and they provide us with methods to prevent and/or treat mental illnesses. At times it seems as though we do not know ourselves at all. We question our behaviors and feelings.Psychologically understanding these behaviors helps us to understand that we are probably not alone in our feelings. Also, by having a full understanding of self, psychologically, we can learn how to respond to certain feelings and emotions and how to wean ourselves off of them. In the same way that we can shape up understand ourselves in the study of this field we can apply reverse psychology to understand others. Being able to do so enhances peoples skills and work skills by enabling you to question possibilities and to address them as needed. This opens for more effective communication skills expanding beyond personal life and into the workforce. Lastly, research/experiments in psychology help to treat and prevent mental illnesses. Scientists have discovered biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial facts that influence mental illnesses.Case studies allow these illnesses to be identified. By knowing what triggers them, scientists can make the general public aware of those that are most influential and can adv ise of help if at all needed. Factors are considered, tested, and named. Research further helps us to recognize early symptoms or onsets. In conclusion, effective research/experiments play a large role in todays society. It helps to influence several work fields such as law enforcement in which psychologists profile criminals to help catch them. In major corporations, psychology is used to screen authorisation candidates or present employees and even as a part of advertising, appealing to consumers wants and needs.Even schools use the influence of psychology to enrich students learning experiences via group assignments or to enhance athletes performances via pep rallies. You see, Psychology is an inevitable part of everyday life. Effective research and experiments help us to better understand our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions enabling us great communication skills and a better well-being.

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