Saturday, June 15, 2019

Management Theory - Henri Fayol Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management Theory - Henri Fayol - Research Paper ExampleFor the effective performance of an organization, it would be critical to know in advance what necessitate to be done, the activities to undertake to do what is to be done and also when these activities are to be done. Thus, planning essentially entails the what, how and when with regards to performance (Pryor & Taneja, 2010). It encompasses the determination of both short and semipermanent objectives development of strategies and actions aimed at the achievement of the set objectives and formulation of rules, policies, and procedures to be adopted during the implementation of plans and strategies (Raju & Parthasarathy, 2009). Planning does not necessarily have to be deliberate or systematic. The second management function, referred to as organising by Fayol, involves identifying activities needed to achieve organisational objectives and implementing the plans grouping activities to come up with self-contained jobs assigning jo bs to employees delegating authority to promote work of tasks and commanding the required resources and establishing interrelated coordinating relationships (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 2012). Therefore, organizing basically involves the combination and integration of physical, financial and human resources in a productive fashion for the achievement of the organisational goals. This yields an organizational structure comprising of organizational positions, associated responsibilities and tasks and an interrelation of authorities and roles. Commanding refers to maintaining activity among personnel. Fayol uses this terminology as a function of management to describe direction, leadership, and supervision (McNamara, 2009). It thusly encompasses leadership and the aim of setting the organization in motion.

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