Friday, June 14, 2019

Judeo - Christian Bible and the Islamic Qu'ran Essay

Judeo - Christian rule book and the Islamic Quran - Essay ExampleIt is evident that the omnipotence and the omnipresence of the i God led to the basics of Islam. The single divinity acceptance unified all things, and this led to harmony throughout the universe in the due to the impress of Islam and Christianity (Silberstein, 159).Another similarity that Judeo-Christian bible and the Islamic Quran have is traced in the heritage to the Biblical patriarch, Abraham. In the context, Abraham is referred to as the father of nations in Genesis 12 and to Christians it means that they are descendants of Abraham. The bible also creates the awareness that we are the inheritance of Gods promises to Abraham. Islams believe that Islamic religion came from Ishmael the parole of Abraham and the maidservant Hagar (Silberstein, 158).The differences between the Bible and the Quran have is back dated to the Deity of Jesus. Quran shows Jesus as a prophet just like Noah, Moses and Abraham. Islams compa re him with Prophet Mohammad, who was a descendant of Ishmael. This is apparent in Koran 4171 that say, Jesus, who was the son of Mary, and was not more than Allahs apostle (Bogle,4-5). Conversely, Christians celestial horizon Jesus as greater than a prophet. The Bible depicts him as the son of God. The statement is evident in John 426 where Jesus claimed to be Gods son. 1st Timothy 316 states that Jesus was used by God to manifest his flesh (Burgos, 76).Another difference is on the internal judgment. The Quran explains that those who get through or are killed by unbelievers will go back to the garden of paradise a place of many lustful pleasures (Koran 9111). As for the Bible it outlines that those who believe in Jesus Christ and have let him lead their life will enjoy eternity in heaven (Burgos, 80). The other view of internal judgment the Quran teaches that those who worship any other god other than Allah will have a great punishment as they will go to hell,

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