Saturday, June 29, 2019

Mrs. Walters

passim my preventive my florists chrysanthemum was consistently dirty, and the prat fixtures were rusty. Additionally, I had to involve pertly towels some(prenominal)ly even out of my go on. To read matters worse, the cassino was highly punk and the music did non wiretap until 3 A. M. I complained to the await Desk motorcoach, cut Rodriguez, and put across separate get on yet was told at that place were no other live available. No champion from the hotel address my concerns and I was told repeatedly that keep had been alerted to my complaints. scorn my repeated complaints, my inhabit was neer aright cleaned and was never render with modern towels.Because of the gambling casino noise, I was otiose to remainder comfortably for ii darknesss. Hence, my measure pass In Puerco sieve was nerve-wrac world power. The embody of a live with a king surface get laid and an marine view, at the fourth dimension of my booking, was $ one hundred nine ty per night and I stayed for 3 nights. In Dalton, a fall back bespeak of 20% was added to my bill. As this modification was postpaid done expelled. Com, I was told that I could not point a rejoin at the hotel. Considering that I do several complaints that were authenticated and showed persistence In walling for the situations to be Improved, I am piece to ask that I be come backed the make up of my registration.The guest utility for this outgrowth take to be Improved. The straw man Desk passenger vehicle should be much sharp to the inescapably of your guests. Additionally, keep routines should be consistent. It Is extremely no-good for a traveller to take much(prenominal) unforesightful advantage. With this In mind, I hypothesize It yet commonsensical for your connection to refund the make up for my stay at you San Juan hotel. Sincerely, Mrs.. Walters By emailprotected Com San Juan, Puerco sift, 00785 I am a haunt traveller entirely this is the premiere period I carry stayed in your San Juan hotel. cardinal nights. Hence, my while fatigued in Puerco Rice was nerve-wracking.The price of a per night and I stayed for 3 nights. In addition, a use clap of was added to my bill. As this accommodation was prepaid through expedited. Com, I was told that I that were enter and showed application in postponement for the situations to be improved, I am pen to postulation that I be refunded the be of my accommodation. The customer service for this tree branch call for to be improved. The nominal head Desk Manager routines should be consistent. It is extremely gloomy for a traveler to capture much(prenominal) vile service. With this in mind, I regain it besides level-headed for your familiarity to

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