Thursday, June 20, 2019

International marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

International grocery storeing - Essay ExampleUltimately, the take away subject that the subscriber is instilled with necessarily points definitively to the means by which world-wideization and the clear and incessant need for differentiation and change supremely defines the reliable environment. In such a way, the preceding analysis will first seek to provide a general summary of Friedmans book and then go on to ready inference with regards to how some of the key concepts and presentations that Friedman made can be utilized in an understanding how a firm/entity engages with a globalized appreciation for the 4Ps of marketing. Accordingly, by means of such an analysis, it is the hope of this author that the reader will gain a further level of inference with regards to the way in which Friedman presents his main argument as well as the applicable it and usefulness that these arguments have with relation to specific aspects of marketing that have been discussed thus far inside this course. In this particular way, although Friedman engages with a host of topics, both historical and accepted, the ultimate goal of his piece is to instruct the reader with regards to the key changes that must take place at heart the current market in order for both the United States and the individual is this owner within it to continue to leverage degree of profit within the ever-changing dynamics of the global marketplace. In such a way, even though the reader might be distracted at times with the historical and geographic journey that Friedman engages in, the ultimate understanding that is represented within each of these case studies, interviews, historical interpretations, and analysis is with regards to how the current world model has developed and will continue to develop into the approximately future. One of the key understandings that the reader is left with upon nearing the conclusion of Friedmans piece is with regards to some of the key forces that pose a severe potential for harm with regards to the current dynamic that is thus far been described in his book. Rather than engaging in a level of sensationalism or fear mongering, Friedman ultimately discusses with the reader a realistic approach to each of these threats and shows how further levels of collaboration/cooperation, within the construct of the globalized system as it currently exists, is ultimately able to defeat these threats. Although thither are many salient aspects discussed within Friedmans book, the reader can specifically relate his interpretation of the interconnected and rapidly changing nature of the current economic and political system that the fines the world as specifically cogent with regards to the 4Ps of marketing. Naturally, the 4Ps necessarily refer to price, place, promotion, and product. Within the construct of a globalized world that is increasingly dependent upon the way that each of these 4Ps is evidenced within given cultures/markets, it becomes apparent t o the reader that such an understanding and application of Friedmans worldview, illustrated within his book, is ultimately able to exponentially expand the approach to the individual might have with regards to these 4Ps. What is meant by this is the fact that the 4Ps of marketing are oftentimes taught within the construct of a specific geographic setting. For instance, when the student integrates with an understanding of price, promotion, product, and place, the economy is oftentimes understood within the

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